jueves, 5 de diciembre de 2013

エル・カラファテ El Calafate مدينة الخلافة

First stop: El Calafate!  We spent a few days in this Patagonian town that's almost as far south as one can go.  We stayed in a cute little cabin in the center of town and went to an ice bar where everything- furniture, walls, even the cups-were made of ice!  The weather was a little cold and often very windy.  At the airport on our way to Trelew, the airport employees told Shauna and I to hold on to our glasses as we walked out onto the tarmac to board the plane because the wind was so strong!  Once on board, the wind shook the plane as if we were barreling down the runway when in fact we were at a complete stop!  I was shocked that we took off in such strong winds.  Poor Koichi was not so lucky.  His flight back to Buenos Aires was cancelled, and he ended up having to spend two long and cold nights at the Calafate airport!


アイス*バー Ice Bar

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