lunes, 9 de diciembre de 2013

Port Piramides ポートピラミッド Puerto Pirámides بويرتو بيراميديس

After a brief layover in Trelew, we took a bus to the tiny town of Puerto Pirámides on Peninsula Valdez, a Unesco World Heritage site known for its abundance of wildlife.  After the cold and wind of El Calafate, we enjoyed the warmth and sunshine of Puerto Pirámides.  On our first morning, Shauna and I took a walk on the beach.  During our walk we saw multiple whales off shore and a penguin swam right by us!  The people in town were so kind and welcoming, I felt like I was vacationing in my home town.


Crab attack! カニアタック!
Low tide 潮干
Sipping mate マテを飲む
Mate マテ

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