viernes, 1 de noviembre de 2013

Milanesa ミラネーサ كستلاتة مخبوز "الميلانيسا" 

Last night, Koichi and I went out to a restaurant that specializes in Milanesa, which is a very popular dish in Argentina.  The word Milanesa basically refers to a breaded cutlet, and is traditionally beef.  Nowadays, just about anything can be made into a Milanesa.  In addition to beef, this place offers chicken, fish, soy and pumpkin Milanesa. The original version is served with lemon wedges, but other common preparations include "a caballo", which includes a topping of french fries and a fried egg, or Napolitana, which to me seems like you turn your Milanesa into a pizza.  I went for something different and tried the fish with a spinach cream sauce.  Koichi  went for the original beef.  Delicious!


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