domingo, 17 de noviembre de 2013

A surprise trip 弾丸旅行

Here are a few photos from last Sunday`s surprise trip to Colonia, Uruguay.  It was just a quick 45 minute ferry trip from Buenos Aires.  I absolutely fell in love with this town.  It was quiet and friendly, and the views were simply breathtaking.  

We are currently finishing up our trip to Bariloche, so when I get back I will update with more about the trip and also add the translations to the previous blos posts.  Internet cafè time is super limited and there are very few language options for word processing in different scripts!  

先週の日曜日ウルグアイのコロニア市まで弾丸旅行をしました。 ブエノスアイレスからコロニアまで船で45分だけかかります。 この町が好きになりました! 静かで、親しみやすくて、息を呑むようなながめでした。

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